The clos rocher

Poem : “See, little one?”, inspired by Mr. Lédé, wine-making consultant

The narrator is Jean-Michel Gremillet:

“See, little one, one day we’ll put a wall around this vineyard!

-Why a wall?

It makes such wonderful grapes and delicious wine, so I want to protect it.

-Protect it from wolves, grandpa?

Oh no, not wolves, little one, there aren’t any, not anymore.

-Is it to protect it from fairies then?

No, little one, the fairies will come, so will the bees and birds. What I want is to make it a haven, like an oasis or the Garden of Eden…

-With Adam and Eve?

Exactly – in fact I think they’re already there! You see, I’d like to put a wall around it, not to close it off but to open it up… The key will stay in the door for anyone who wants to come in. I want this wall to stand for love, like a necklace you put around the collar of someone you love.”

  A wall, a haven, an act of love: this is what Jean-Michel Gremillet has made of his vineyard which makes such beautiful grapes and such fine champagne.